Welcome to the Small Biz Security Site

After several years of planning, hours of work done by multiple people, the SmallBizSecurity.net website is now a reality.  The idea for this site started several years ago when I was looking for a project to do in retirement from actively supporting the IT infrastructure for multiple small businesses in the Chicago area.  Talking to vendors, other service providers and clients, I found a need to have a place where cybersecurity terms and practices are defined in a way that is understandable by people not in the cybersecurity field.  Since many of my clients have told me over the years that I explain technical details in ways that make them easy to understand, I thought of developing this website.

The site is divided into two major parts.  The first are the Reference Pages.  Each of these pages is designed to address a single cybersecurity topic and put it into terms that are easily understood.  

The second part is this section, the blog.  Here is where short, current information would be presented.Hopefully, this site will be informational and easy to read and understand.  Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions at tgiesler@smallbizsecurity.net.

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