An interesting twist on a credential theft

Recently, a client got caught by a malware operator.  I’m writing about this since the attack structure is a little different than what I have seen in the past.  For a little background, the client is a single person professional practice.  There are only three mailboxes in the client’s Microsoft...
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It’s springtime in Chicago – Here come the vendor shows

Every spring in Chicago, vendors start holding conferences updating IT professionals on the new products and services they are offering.  The ASCII Success Summit and the ChannelPro SMB Summit are two of the larger shows going around the country.  Yes, a lot of the sessions deal with how an IT...
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Create your own Cyber Security Action Plan

Since the Internet is connected everywhere, most cyber security actions are the same everywhere. The National Cyber Security Centre in the UK has developed a simple 5-minute questionnaire on your cyber security practices and will develop a cyber security action plan for your home or small business.The questionnaire can be...
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Welcome to the Small Biz Security Site

After several years of planning, hours of work done by multiple people, the SmallBizSecurity.net website is now a reality.  The idea for this site started several years ago when I was looking for a project to do in retirement from actively supporting the IT infrastructure for multiple small businesses in...
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